Human body produces HCG hormone naturally especially in women during pregnancy. In 1950s, Dr Simeon developed HCG diet drops that were based on his standard diet protocol. The HCG diet protocol helps the body to effectively consume the accumulated fat in the body by converting the fats into energy. This could help in reducing the body weight. It has been noted that people who use the HCG diet for the first time have common questions regarding its consumptions. I this article I will discuss frequently asked questions concerning the use of HCG diets and drops.

Does HCG Diet Induce feminine characters to men?

HCG DIET This hormone is common in women and more so during pregnancy. The hormone is enhance fertility in women .For boys, the hormone is used in hospitals for those with underdeveloped gonads to boast their sexual development. HCG does not feminize men. It only helps men in losing weight

Who are supposed to use the HCG diet?

HCG can be used by all individuals including the old and young. However, people with less BMI, nursing women, children and patient in critical condition should not use this diet since may cause side effects. It is important to first consult the doctor before exercising this program

Can low calorie diet work without HCG drops?

You are supposed to take 500 calories with HCG diet drops daily. The purpose of HCG diet drops is to help you overcome hunger as well as preventing you from commonly experienced symptoms associated with very low calorie diets. It is important you note that taking HCG diet drops together with 500 calories alone will starve you. However, in order to achieve weight lose you must take it in that amount.

What about hunger on the 500-calorie diet?

HCG DIET Hunger incidences are not familiar with HCG diet. It takes only one first or two weeks to adapt and to start felling full. Huge amounts of calories accumulated in your body are retrieving from fat reserves and thus that excess hunger is not experienced. However, you can overcome hunger the first week day loading yourself properly for the first two days in the program.

Why is there so much controversy over the HCG diet?

The first reason for this controversy is because HCG diet is not yet approved for weight loss. Despite the fact that it is not approved, this diet has success stories more than you can imagine. Leading doctors has been prescribing it to their patients. In critical conditions of excess weight, doctors advise the patients to purchase products such as homeopathic HCG. The main point here is that the diet works effectively for many individuals.

The second reason is that HCG was recently declared illegal by FDA. However, the reason behind this was because it is not in Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea official list. In recent research done by medical institutions, there are legal homoepathic products impersonating the function of HCG.

The third point is that it causes some heartburn among doctors and nutritionalists. However you can request multivitamin supplements that prevents this heartburn. Higher –calorie plan also may help in avoid in heartburn

The Three Pronged Approach to Weight Loss without Side Effects

Weight lossAdhering to the HCG weight loss program and having started the consumption of HCG diet drops driven by the sole intention to lose weight, a couple of lifestyles changes will pave way for a successful weight loss. While this is one advantage, the other will result in benefiting health, by countering the occurrence of hazardous side effects.

Are you trying to understand and gain knowledge about – Is there any drops for weightloss? Yes there is – read further! The first stage calls for huge consumption of food adding to the calories of the body, all for a period of a couple of days. The onset of the third day calls for a low-calorie strict diet along with the intervention of the HCG drops. This is identified as stage 2 of the HCG diet program. After duration of about 21 – 40 days during which the diet is in progress, the third stage commences at the termination of the diet. This stage focuses on maintenance of the lost weight while adhering to the low calorie diet and exercising regime.The following tips go a long way in beating the problems associated with fatigue during the HCG diet plan, in addition to spot reductions of fat concerning specific and adamant body parts.

Intake of multivitamins

Weight LossA calorie count of 500 to be maintained on a daily basis eventually leads to nutritional deficiency as one of the major side effects. Countering the same scenario with a liberal consumption of healthy foods in the form of multivitamins will replenish the lost nutrients to the body, thereby preserving the health of an individual even during the stringent diet. This will pave way for a healthier lifestyle even after retreating from the prescribed HCG diet, by relying predominantly on regular workout regimes and healthy eating patterns.

Water and Sleep – the fuels propelling weight loss

The benefit of water consumption during diets is always undermined. Sticking to the 8 glasses of water consumption counters the ill effects of dehydration caused on account of fluid loss during dieting and also exercising. A well hydrated body results from replenishing lost water in addition to improving its metabolic rate. Detoxification also occurs when toxins are flushed out, with essential nutrients in the form of minerals and vitamins being supplemented by water.A minimum of six hours of sleep is the prerequisite for any diet to deliver outstanding results. Fatigue resulting from calorie restriction is best countered by sound sleep, to wake up to a pepped up morning, all set to proceed on the diet.

Fiber – Another factor in favor of health

Not only during period of diets, consumption of fibers is mandatory to ward off complications related to irritable bowel movements. Aiding the digestive system to function efficiently, fibers can be consumed as part of foods or even in the form of supplements. The side effect of constipation can thus be addressed by including fiber rich foods in one’s diet.

Exercise – the secret to healthy weight loss

All about consistency and dedication, sticking to a stringent exercise regime goes a long way in providing the body with a much needed impetus to metabolism. Thus indirectly contributing to increasing the rate of weight loss, a simple 15 minute cardio session does the trick. Not only that, exercising regularly becomes a good habit that cannot be easily compromised, even during dire situations of lethargy. Fitness enthusiasts gain a lot from consistent exercising who are better poised to burn loads of fat, resorting to conditioned eating patterns. Results evident during the second stage of the HCG diet basically stem from exercise and the effect of HCG diet drops.

Weight loss plan – choose HCG drops diet

In today’s fast paced world; it is all about looking presentable and good. This is where both men and woman look forward to varied weight loss plans, techniques, methodologies and even weight loss supplements in order to lose weight. But, how many of these work? Many also end up giving side effects. This is where it is recommended to choose a credible weight loss plan in order to lose weight – the healthy way.

Selecting a credible weight loss plan online

HCG drops dietThe criteria for selecting a credible and healthy weight loss plan online lies entirely on the one that is compared to traditional food plans. The diet plan must be an offshoot of an already existing diet plan recommended by dieticians and health care professionals. A credible weight loss pan is always crafted by a nutritional counselor or a weight loss expert. Sites offering traditional weight loss plans are the best options as these are tried and tested plans that will have minimum side effects or harmful health consequences.

The online weight loss plans work only when the dieter strictly adheres to it; otherwise with no discipline no weight loss plan is neither effective nor quick weight loss plans.The numerous weight loss supplements and the one you can trust It is crucial when you are opting out for the weight loss supplements as well as there are so many available online. The vital part is not ending up choosing an under researched weight loss pills that will certainly have some or the other health consequence. It is essential to make sure that the manufacturers or the company providing the supplements holds a strong reputation in the market. Money back guarantee is yet another factor that should be considered as a company that is very certain about the potency and safety of its supplements alone provides such an offer. Supplements or weight loss pills that are clinically certified and manufacturers providi9ng this certification can be called credible. Make sure to verify the company’s contact details.

Quick weight loss diet and plans: a strict ‘no’

HCG drops dietFasting out for weight loss has always been a controversial debate where the health care professionals have always condemned the concept of fasting for weight loss. Fasting is believed to result in fluid loss rather than weight loss by experts. Many even believe that fasting is not a weight loss tool; as it slows down your metabolic rate that will in turn fatten you once you quit fasting.Fasting is even considered fatal affecting your kidney and liver if you are not eating healthy food. It might cause intestinal disorders as well.

hCG Diet Drops: the new effective safe and credible weight loss plan.The hCG diet is believed to be a safe and quick means of weight loss where you can lose up to one pound of your body weight in a day. This diet basically consists of three stages; loading, burning and maintenance stage. By taking the HCG diet drops along with strictly following the three stages will help you lose weight effectively in a healthy way.

The loading stage involves eating fatty carb filled food for two days. Burning stage lasts for 26 to 43 days depending on the amount of weight you desire to lose. In this stage you have to consume either 500 or 1000 calorie diet in a day. The third stage is the maintenance stage where for three weeks you are required to go free of any sugar and starch in your diet.The hcgdrops gives good results! The HCG drops will help you by not making you feel hungry even though you consume only 500 calories in a day.

HCG Drops – The magic potion for weight loss

HCG DropsGiven the advantages of HCG drops, people across the globe are patronizing this formula. These drops guaranteeing a weight loss close to 1 pound per day are attracting patrons for increased consumption. Doing away with painful and scarring HCG injections, the recent 3 years saw the evolution of painless and easy-to-use HCG drops, available online.

The main proponents of increase demand of HCG drops

Market surveys conducted on the consumption of these drops unearthed the following benefits which are the main reasons for increased patronage among many customers across the globe.
 HCG drops hold a greater promise for rapid weight reduction
 With a visible 1 pound loss of weight on a daily basis, these are leading to increased volume consumption
 The attributes of safety coupled with ease of use of these natural drops are a hit amongst figure conscious individuals
 Without the requirement of a physician’s prescription, these drops can be bought online
 HCG drops targeting the burning of fat cells in contrast to not interfering with the muscle degeneration are the preferred choice for many weight loss enthusiasts
 Devoid of side effects as in the case of diet pills, these HCG drops pronounce comfort in their use
 These drops acting on the hypothalamus of the brain, guarantee weight loss even after retreating back from the diet, provided the low-calorie diet is maintained
 The HCG diet not stipulating the purchase of special foods, simple and naturally occurring fruits and vegetables in addition to lean meats can be consumed along with the HCG drops.

The Parameters of Weight Loss by HCG drops

A number of versions of these drops are available in the markets which guarantee a weight loss close to 15 pounds, all in the period of 1 month. Attached with a money back clause, these drops become hence the most preferred choice amongst thousands of people who are keen on maintaining a trim body. It is common knowledge that different constitutions differ in their reaction to these drops. With an average 1 pound weight loss on a daily basis, some people are better positioned to lose larger amounts of body weight, while some show minimal results. Given the daily changes in the metabolic rates, research indicated some people to account for a minimum of 0.5 pounds of weight loss in contrast to a maximum of 2 to 3 pounds in a single day!

HCG Drops – Best suited for all calorie counts

HCG DropsThe standard diet protocol as suggested by Dr Simeon accounts for the famous 500 calorie consumption per day. Given the moderate restriction on calorie count by a minimum of 500 calories, this diet has gained the acceptance of thousands of successful weight losers. While a majority of people are comfortable adhering to the 500 calorie restriction, some food enthusiasts however have demonstrated inclination to consume a little more than the prescribed limit. This is the result of their high activity level during the course of their busy schedule, hence leading to a greater tendency to experience hunger pangs.

Online platforms selling these drops are best suited for all calorie counts of 500, 800, 1000 and 1200. Recent developments in the diet regimes however have made it possible for alterations in the prescribed limits to assist people leading an active lifestyle, thus facilitating increased calorie consumption. HCG drops packaged in bottles maintain a standard dosage for 15 days. Higher consumption based on prolonged duration calls for a corresponding increase in ordering online the number of bottles. All this is based on the requirement of an individual and should be taken in accordance to the prescribed dosage.